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1.1 Background of study
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Purpose of the study
1.4 Significance of the study
Literature review
2.1 History and development of an independent auditors
2.2 Rights of an independent auditors
2.3 Duties of an independent auditors
2.4 Problem encountered by an independent auditors
3.1 Conclusion
3.2 Recommendation
3.3 Summary of finding

It is the intention of the researcher to start introduction by looking to different definition of an audit ad have after link it to the rules of independent auditors since the topic is on the role of independent auditors in Nigeria.
Accounting to Leslie R. Howard in his book title auditing he defined audit as “ the examination of certain statement covering the transaction over a period and the financial position of an organization on a certain data in order that that auditor may issue a report on them.
The consultative council of the accounting bodies (C.C.A.B) defines an audit as the independent examination of and expression of opinion on the financial statement of an enterprise by an appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and I compliance with any relevant statutory obligation .
The statement adds that the responsibility for the preparation of the financial statement and the presentation of the information included there in rest with the management of the enterprise (in the case of a company and the directors) .
The auditors responsibility is to report on the financial statement as presented by management. And W.W Biggs defined an audit “as an examination of the books account, vouchers of business as well as to enable the auditor to satisfy himself that the balance sheet is properly drawn up so a s to give a true and fare view of the statement to affairs of business and whether the profit and loss for the financial period according to the best of his information as shown by the books and if not in what respect he is not satisfied”.
J. Santocki in his own definition said that “auditing is an examination and evaluation of the authenticity and there fore the reliability of an organizations business document and records. It also involves making enquires to ascertain, that the financial statement on which the auditor is reporting and which have been prepared from those records display a turn and fair view of the statement of affair at the year ended”.
According to F. Chie de Paula and F.A Attward auditing is the examination by the auditor of a balance sheet ad profit and loss account prepared by. Other so as to be able to express his opinion that such a balance sheet and profit and loss account have bee properly drawn up to show a true fair view of the statement of affair and of the rest of the particular concern and comply with the relevant statutes.
The auditing standard and guidelines defined an audit as the independent examination of the expression of opinion o the financial statement of an enterprise by an appointment and in compliance with any relevant statutory obligation.
In defining an auditor Michael Greener said that an auditor is one whose job is to examine the records of a business in order to be able to give an opinion on the accuracy of the profit and loss shown and to report on the statement of affairs of the business at a particular time. He may also examine the record of non – holding organization club etc. for the same purpose he may also perform specialized investigation work when asked to do so by the proprietor of a business or by the account. There are a thousand and one different definition of both an audit and an auditor from the definition give above it is assumed that the auditor is presented with account and balance sheet of an organization. But when view critically it will be seen that in actual fact it is the auditor who frequently prepared the account and the balance sheet himself.
These book or account is prepared his capacity as an accounted and the same books one audited by him as auditor. This dual function that is performed by this person gives or exposes the weaknesses and inefficiency in the notice of the client or staff. In doing this his work is that of an account (since as an auditor is not his duty to advocate certain methods of working.
There are certain roles and regulation guiding this one person in different capacity with is skill and experience the auditor can be most helpful to those by who he is engaged but any accounting work he does must always be considered expert from the work of the audit.
In this section the researcher focused on the present problem that has had to the role of independent auditors in Nigeria. They are as followed.
· Without an auditor transaction of business would not be effective
· The auditor must to attend every meeting of the company to no their problem in financial statement
· The declined on effective and efficient management on the goods and service render by the company in financial statement.
The research focused on the main purpose of the study of an independent auditor in Nigeria, and the auditor is to express the opinion on the true and fair view of the financial statement of an enterprise e.g.
· Proper record must be kept by the auditor

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