This project report is a thesis written specifically to cover the design analysis construction, test and packaging of a multipurpose security system from electric component that can be easily be obtainable from the market.
The report discusses the various unit and stages of the alarm system, thesis include:-
a) Clock generation and frequency division unit.
b) The control and section unit, comprising of a one shot 555 timer multiplexer, sound amplifier and the latch.
c) The detection and switching unit made up of the fire and burgler sensors and priority encoder.
d) The output unit comprising of the visual display and audio systems. These units have been lucidly represented with block diagrams and the calculations and the analysis of each component in the circuit of each block were done in the subsequent chapters of this part.
However, my own project is designed to serve three purposes: to detect human touch, burglar operation and to detect fire, giving the corresponding alarms and indications.
In a situation where there is a need to monitor the movement of people in a confidential building or a restricted area or to alert security-men in the case of fire outbreak, multipurpose security system is an electronic gadget which detect human shadow, human touch and fire and alert security-men through an alarm and equally display the particular room or area in which the target was hit.
The multi-purpose security system uses Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) to sense human shadow, touch switch to sense human touch and thermistor to sense fire.
The circuit is enclosed in such a way that if he sensor are installed in each various room, say room 1,2 and 3 etc. If an intruder wants to break through, say room 2 once he touches the handle of the door, the touch sensor senses his touch, then triggers an alarm and display room 2 on a big display board. If to say, there is fire outbreak in the same room 2 the fire sensor will sense it, trigger an alarm and equally display room 2. This is also application to all the room that has the sensor.
Multipurpose security system can equally be applied in banks, industries, financial institutions, schools and home to help safeguard lives and property.


The present and likely to continue state of the world economy as a whole and that of Nigeria as yet a developing country in particular has made life uncomfortable and unsatisfactory for the masses.
Every day, we hear of wars, conflicts, monumental natural disasters, fatal accidents, tribal, racial and religious clashes, to mention just a few.
All these phenomena always lead to wanton destruction of life and properties worth millions of naira.
As a result of these ugly situations today in our country in particular coupled with unemployment, which has led to decline in the standard of living, crime wave has escalated. Because the youths and the young school leavers could not secure any job, which could have kept them busy.
And since the idle mind is the devils workshop, they indulge in all sorts of heinous and scandalous crimes in other to make ends meet. Assassination, high-way robbery, house become burglary, arson, car snatching, etc have become the order of the day. Criminals purposefully set public markets ablaze In order to cart away peoples hard earned merchandise from the markets. Hence the incessant burning of our markets of recent.

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