Mass Communication New Topics

10 Mass Communication Research Project Topics (New)

Mass Communication Research Project Topics

S/N Mass Communication Project Topics
1. The Role of Educational Radio Broadcasting in Adult Literacy in Nigeria
2. An Analysis of Students Perception of the 18+ Warning Sign in Alcohol Advertisements in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
3. The Role of Communication in Crisis Resolution in Selected Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
4. Utilization of Corporate Social Responsibility for Conflict Management in Oil Producing Communities in Akwa Ibom State
5. Effect of Health Communication on Social Media on The Adoption of Health-Promoting Behaviours Among Students in Selected Private Universities
6. An Evaluation of Performance Auditing of Communications Marketing Strategies of Selected Private Universities in Nigeria
7. A Comparative Study of Selected Nollywood and Hollywood Films as Mechanisms for Tourism Promotion
8. Effect of Foreign Television Stations’ Presentation on Perception of Nigeria’s Image by Mass Communication Students in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
9. Relationship Between Information Sources and Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Nursing Mothers in Kaduna State
10. Influence of Toiletries and Skin Care Product Advertisement on Women’s Perception and Patronage in Delta State