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This research work appraises “the need for quality determination and control in a manufacturing industry” The research identifies the need objectives and significance of quality determination and control and also the problems which manufacturing industry encounters in determining quality in a product. It identifies the role quality determination plays in the production sector the main aim of every producer is to produce goods with good quality that can be bold for a profit because good quality improves the development of the company. It also prove to the manufactures that a quality product is an asset to the form. In the sense that consumer are after good quality product.




The main aim of every company/industry is to produce goods and services with good quality that can be bold for a profit. This could be achieved if only these products are manufactured in large quality in order to satisfy the basic needs of the consumers, because good quality improves the development of the industry.

Nigerians does not recommend locally made goods as good as those made abroad. To see the best quality in goods, some companies assigned quality control responsibility to various departments. The need for this good quality products is not new neither did it start in this point in time it started from our forefathers during the area of industrial revolution to prove the fact that some products produced were demanded more than others.

The good quality control cannot be our looked due to the danger associated with poor quality products. Poor drugs causes death or deformities.

Again the quality of the product cannot be regarded as a good quality unfill proper inspection made by the quality control and inspection department both on physical and technical aspects or knowledge.

Many organizations includes the purchasing department because of procurement of raw materials and their cost consciousness in the quality determination and control functions. Now the researcher would address their mind on the definition and explanation of quality in order to enable both producers and customers understand the subject matter of this researcher project.

According to Shubin (1957:34) been product quality as composition strength, shape, dimension, workmanship, colour and finish.

To make this more understandable, it will be wise to explain what quality determination and control stands for. Lee et al (1979:42) words sated on two major consideration.

(a) The technical consideration of suitability

(b) The economic consideration of price and availability

Here, the engineering join the sales and production to see the suitability of a material while purchasing based on the economic consideration which based on source and price of material.

The basic concern of the researcher is to know who determines and controls quality in a manufacturing industry and the purchasing work. And also to address the mind on how product quality can be controlled and improved in the manufacturing industry.

A quality product is an asset to the firm. Quality has been one of the hot topics in the 1989 is and 1990’s there has been efforts to increase quality and decrease cost. As global competition intensifies for large and small business more intensifies calls for quality. Quality is the most powerful weapon of a manufacturing industry.

Surveys shows that a high percentage of consumers are willing to pay for quality. Poor quality products results to loss of customers and loyal suits for damages caused by injuries from products.


Now consumers and always after good quality products. The satisfaction of the consumers is the main focus of every manufacturing industry/ organization through market report in the production of the goods with quality has more demand in the market. Most times poor quality products causes ineffective production and the success of an organization/ industry lies upon immediate supervision in the production sector since they are sole responsible for directing it towards the goods.

According to Osuala (1987:68) the statement of research problem serves to elaborate upon the information in the title of the study. This study is concerned with quality determination and control in a manufacturing industry. Below are the important problem question for this study:-

(i) Does the product confirm to specification?

(ii) Does product confirm to the targeted standard?

(iii) Is the net weight of the product up to the requirement?

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