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The Reason for Efficient Development and Training of Stores Personnel in an Industry

The Reason for Efficient Development and Training of Stores Personnel in an Industry


It has been observed, that the problem is not the number of stores personnel employed in the organization or the sophisticated nature of the store equipment available, but the management of both the human resources and the option utilization of this equipment for the efficient and effective satisfaction needs the corporation.

This study was conducted by the researcher trial and development of store personnel, the problems of prospects.

This innovation brings assessment of all the items held in stock as well as the stock. Through this process, it is possible to adjust continuously the quality, quantity and value of stock held to eliminate waste of material through deterioration to conform to the circumstance at all times.

The purpose of this research was purely to determine and evaluate the reasons for efficient development and training of stores personnel in our industry Enugu State.

For clarify and coherence, this works has five chapters. Chapter one deals with the introductory aspect. Giving a general view of the topic. The reasons for efficient development and training of stores personnel in an industry incorporated therein are such sub-headings as a statement of the problem. Scope of study etc. the review of other literature as it relates to staff training in-store is in chapter two look at the method used in carrying out the research generally.




With the challenge and dynamic nature of today’s marketing competitiveness in the world of business, most corporations or organizations have decided to effectively develop their human resources department to harness the best calibre of export in a particular field of study. to most industries, where the ready-made can’t be easily gotten, the need to train and develop experts arise. The new employee’s to the company may have potentials but often this must be developed and refined. The nature of the store function is changing which in turn requires a developing set of skills on the part of purchasing personnel. Training and development of staff then very crucial for the effective performance of work.

However, stores management goes further in scope, aid operation and equally the function of the overall purchasing stores operations. The main purpose of stores management is to provide a service to all other departments in the organization and to enhance efficiency to provide the required service to all other departments in an organization and to enhance efficiency to provide the required service as economically as possible.

Efficient training and development of store personnel contribute effectively to the success of most organizations hence, the need for trained staff cannot be overemphasised thus the stores is an area for the company as inefficiency in its management could compel a company or corporation to fold up.

It is therefore vital for the public and private sectors to know that there is a need for adequate training and development of the store personnel.

The researcher has taken time to find out why both the private and public sectors of the economy need store departments and to know what leads to neglect or inefficiency. In any case, this work will not be seen as an ‘Encyclopedia of stores organization training and development that is to contain all, but an attempt has been made here to provide a brief insight to readers, managers, students, professional men and women in purchasing and supply what training and development of store personnel means. The training and development should be arranged in such a way as to create harmony. Understanding and sound internal relationships to achieve the expected goal of the company.

The researcher is also to examine how the learner may best be able to acquire such skills and knowledge. This process by which the organization import these skills and knowledge which are required in a particular job is called “training”.

Training and development are closely related to personnel selection and other personnel functions in the activities that complement each other in the interest of achieving an effective and satisfied workforce.

To meet the challenges of satisfaction of human and industrial needs through the creation of goods and services, the management intensifies recruitment exercise and training programs on-the-job training for new employees was encourages while so engineering staff were sent oversees on staff training.

The Emenite industry Enugu participated in seminars and workshops organized by Etex group companies in European and Eternit limited, Sapele Nigeria. The highlight of this emphasis on high-level manpower development was the creation let a training department.

Then, come the historical background of Emenite Industry Enugu, it was formally owned by TONAS ALBASTOE of England in 1961, but due to marketing threats of its competitiveness, it was sold to Etex world in 1988 where its name was given as EMENITE LTD because it was situated in the Emene residence’s industrial layout of Enugu state, now in Enugu central-local government area, it was through the effort of late Etienne Vander rest of eternic France that this was successful. They engage in the production of AC pipes, Emcei flat sheets, pressure pipes, standard corrugated sheets, garden furniture and Etex plastics.

The corporation has its commercial area office at Sapele, Lagos and Enugu. They have a straight line organigram structure of management where purchasing department takes the responsibility of all industrial buying and solely on centralized buying. But the purchasing department lies with another department in their decision making in other to achieve the correct specification of materials standards and quality assurance. All their material bills are in sequence with the prosecution planning schedule based on their corporate budgeting.

In other to limit the study on an area of stores management they have technical stores, raw material stores and finished goods stores. And every store’s personnel is trained based on nature and scope of his reasonability in the store. This makes to bring the work to a pattern. Their functions are as follow:

– Quality control activities

– Holding, controlling and issuing stocks

– Control of Storehouse, material handling functions

– Clerical administrative of stores operation

– Training stores personnel

– To ensure that all material/items receive and issued for production are properly accounted for.


The problem of training and development of store personnel have been identified as enormous. A thorough look at the present staffing of stores department of Emenite industry Enugu shows that a huge sum of money is being lost every year due to lack of experience stores personnel the company is yet to be convinced of the need for stores management function. Thus, they assign their responsibility to unqualified or unskilled people who cannot cope with the present complexity of modern business, thereby running down the organization. My investigation revealed some anomalies given that. In summary, they have the following problems.

– Lack of encouragement to take courses and training such as ones organized by the Nigeria Institute of purchasing and supply management (NIPSM)

– Examine the ways of improving staff performance by encouraging staff development.

– Lack of finance to availability of materials for the training programmes.

– Examine the opportunities that exist for their advancement and promotion.

– Material is not kept in the care of professional qualified personnel.

It is this problem that made the researcher take up this study to determine what can be done to correct or improve the situation and encourage the training and development of stores personnel.


Over the years the store’s department functions have advanced greatly as a result of the scope and seriousness of the research that has been carried out on the application of these techniques in that field. Subsequently, professionals on the principle techniques and practice of stores management emerged, being developed and reviewed in line with current developments in the social technology field to make for more efficient performance.

This research work, therefore, has the objective of highlighting the neglected but important benefits of prudent store management, and the contribution it can make in the revamping of our ailing national economy specifically, the research has the following objectives:

– To determine also the degree of interference (if any) by the top management on the operation of the store.

– To determine through the analysis, the degree of its need in the organization if the store full short in the standard of work provided to determine whether the education/ professional qualification of the store’s staff is the actual cause.

– To determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the store’s management function Emenite industry.


1. How will you access the role of stores personnel in the organization.

2. What are the various steps involved in the training of stores personnel in the organization

3. Are there any relationship between stores function and other departments in the organization?


Ho: Stores personnel has no significant roles in the organization.

Hi: Stores personnel ahs a significant role in the organization.

Ho: There is no defined procedure in the training of stores personnel in an organization.

Hi: There is a defined procedure in the training of stores personnel in an organization.

Ho: No obstacles are habiting against the operation of stores management in the organization.

Hi: Obstacles are habiting against the operation of stores management in the organization.

Ho: There is no relation between stores functions and another department in the organization.

Hi: There is a relation between stores function and another department in the organization.


Undoubtedly, it is the objective of every prudent manager to apply and control the organization fund profitably, and this starts with using qualified personnel that can meet and absorb all the needs of the organization advancement. It is therefore the belief of the researcher that the information gathered from this study will improve the need for efficient training and development of unskilled stores personnel, and his problems will be avoided on reduced drastically, thereby creating an avenue for efficiency.


This work is an attempt to study the nature, the origin and subsequence growth of training and development of stores personnel in our organization setups. To crystallize the progress and achievement, the failure, the difficulties, the possibilities and limitation of the efficient training of stores function in both private and public sector activities thereby reducing inventory cost and improving services where the user departments. The above aim cannot be achieved where the training and development of store personnel are neglected and development of store personnel is neglected and only quack is used to occupy the professional position. Simply because the man at the head wants to achieve selfish end etc if right people employ and there is good training and development programme, it will help to avoid misrepresentation of the profession.


PURCHASING: It is the activities directed towards the acquisition of materials goods and services required for production and human consumption in the right quality at reduced cost and delivered at right time.

NEED: It is a physiological or psychological requirement for the well being of a person.

TRAINING: Training is the adoption moulding of a person to increase his fitness for a specific activity. It is the teaching of technical skills to non – managerial personnel.

QUALITY PERFORMANCE: This ability of staff to cope with the required standard needed and to work towards the basic ethic of the company.

ORGANIZATION: The activity of co-coordinating an administrative structure for the attainment of their planned objective.

PROCEDURE: These are series of steps or patterns performed to accomplish a specific task

EFFICIENT: Capable and able to perform duties accordingly without variances.

PROGRAMME: This is a state plan, practice and strategy been adopted as a comprehensive way to execute each organization actives sequentially.

INVENTORY: All of the material, parts, supplies, expensive tools and in-process or finished products are recorded on the looks of an organization and kept in its storerooms or warehouse.

OBSOLETE: When an item is no longer usable by an organization due to change in specification, standard quality, technological change and age.

CENTRALIZED PURCHASING: This is the system of collective responsibility and concentration of authority for buying purposes.

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